Msida Promenade

Project Description

Msida was once an old fishing village at one of the distant inlets of Marsamxett Harbour at the end of a valley descending from higher inland grounds. Its name is reputed to derive from ‘Omm Sidna’ (Our Lord’s mother), due to a niche or statue of the Holy Mother whom the fishermen prayed to before setting out on their boats. The inner area in front of the parish church was once a sandy inlet where fishermen rested their boats when not in use.

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Much of modern-day Msida’s seafront and marina were reclaimed from the sea after World War II, much-being war debris from demolished properties. The town centre and surrounding areas are located at or below sea level so whenever it rains heavily or floods tides, a persistent rise in water levels causes reasonable flooding inland.

In 2021, the Grand Harbour Regeneration Corporation (GHRC) embarked on regeneration project along the Msida promenade at a cost of approximately €2 million from local funding. The promenades will be widened by two metres, without taking away existing parking spaces and will include cycling lanes, near railings all around, berthing facilities, a slipway and better access for boat owners, the planting of trees that blend with the local environment, a new irrigation system, street furniture and a new lighting and CCTV system. Around 350m are to paved with durable natural materials such as porfido and hardstone.

The regeneration of the Msida Promenade will modernise the area and eventually together with another project entrusted to GHRC, the Pieta Promenade will form a stretch of the walkway connecting Sa Maison to the Sliema Promenade.