Pieta` Prominade

Project Description

People are recorded to have settled at Pietà in the second half of the 16th century, following the building of Valletta, since it’s the first coastal area in this part of Malta, once leaving the city. A chapel and a rectory were built in 1612 dedicated to Our Lady of Sorrows which in Italian is known as La Pietà, and from which the name derived. During the 18th century, certain people of position began to build their homes there and enjoy the serene atmosphere of the place. Some of these prominent buildings as well as Palazzo Windward and Villa Frere are still standing although many new and modern buildings are slowly replacing the older ones.

In 2021, the Grand Harbour Regeneration Corporation (GHRC) embarked on a regeneration project along the Pieta` promenade at a cost of approximately €2 million from local funding. New services will be put in place and the promenade, which is to include a shares bike lane, will be paved with materials such as lava blocks and porfido. New railings, the planting of shrubs to complement the existing trees, that blend with the local environment, a new irrigation system, street furniture, and a new lighting and CCTV system will all be introduced. Together with the Imsida promenade project, the Pieta’ promenade will form a new and modern pathway extending from Sa Maison to the Sliema promenade.