Marsaxlokk Regeneration Project

Project Description

The picturesque fishing village of Marsaxlokk is one of the oldest communities of fishermen in the southeast of Malta, which derives its name from its geographical location; Marsa, a harbour and Xlokk, South East. The area is rich in history particularly

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In the Tas-Silġ area are archaeological remains that date to the Neolithic Age, the Phoenician era, as well as the remains of a Byzantine church and monastery.  Remains and important buildings witness the use of these areas during the Roman occupation of Malta and the importance given by the Order of St. John to the harbour. After decades when Britain took possession of Malta, the British military also felt the need to strengthen the defence of the harbour used to host and service a number of important military operations.

Although such activity, Marsaxlokk remained a very quiet and secluded village and it wasn’t until after WWII that a number of Maltese chose to move to live in the village.  By this time, the waterfront became a large open market where others to fish and seafood, souvenirs and other wares for tourists were sold. Marsaxlokk continued to grow when a vast area was committed for up-market villas and from then on, more housing and particularly restaurants sprang all over the village.

One particular area is known as Il-Magħluq (the closed inlet), which also has a small sandy beach, but had been neglected for many years. The area was reclaimed from the sea in the early 1950s. The Government has commenced a regeneration project for Marsaxlokk with the aim of fully and sustainably addressing the infrastructure needs that continue to materialise in this particular area.

€5 million regeneration project for Marsaxlokk's il-Magħluq

The project at Il-Magħluq is being implemented by the Grand Harbour Regeneration Corporation (GHRC) at an estimated cost of around €5 million.

The work includes new underground services, particularly a new sewage system with a new pump and generator, which will solve the constant problem of overflowing sewage into the sea, a new electricity system adequate to sustain the demands of the area, particularly the establishments, the removal of wires from the facades of buildings and a new lighting system and all to be passed underground.

In addition, the project also includes adequate facilities for fishermen and their moorings in the area, a new traffic flow system, pedestrian areas and the paving of 14,300m2 to connect with the existing paved main square of Marsaxlokk. Furthermore, the works will also provide for the necessary space for fishermen to carry out their activities, as well as the reorganisation of parking facilities for residents and visitors.